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Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour

Where Texas history never left.

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Check out these photos taken by tour guests while on the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour!  Could these be the photos of actual ghosts?

If you have taken your own ghostly photo during the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour, 
send them to us at and we will post them here!

  A possible photo of Audrey, the little girl who lives at the    Langdon Center, taken by tour guest Miranda Scott.

An unusual white streak during our special Halloween night ghost tour taken by tour guest Darvon McDonald. 
(Note: the man in green is in costume and is not a ghost!)

 Could that possibly be John Wilkes Booth at the  Granbury Opera House?  Look directly to the left of this  caption and you can see a face next to the vertical white  line on the right side of the picture.  Taken by tour guests  Jill and Gabe.

Look in the bottom left window and you just might see a face.  In fact, several people have noted they can see faces peering out of all the windows!  Taken at the Langdon Center by tour guest Julie Owens.


 Taken by tour guest Stormi Waller outside the Nutt      House Hotel.  It looks as if a woman is peering out at us  from the window on the far right.