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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long is the tour?

A: The tour is about an hour long.


Q: Is the tour wheelchair/walker accessible?

A: The Ghosts and Legends Tour sticks mostly to sidewalks around the Square, so it isn't overly strenuous. We have had people in wheelchairs and walkers on our tour. However, it is still up to each individual on if you think you will be able to complete the walking tour. 

The Last Mile Cemetery Tour is NOT recommended for people with mobility issues.


Q: Is the tour appropriate for children?

A: Our tour is friendly for people of all ages. We have taken Daisy Girl Scouts that have loved it, and we have taken 35 year old men that get scared! 


Q: Is the tour scary?

A: It's really more spooky than scary.  It's not like a haunted house where people and items are rigged to jump out. The stories themselves can get a little spooky though, so we claim no responsibility for any nightmares caused by the tour! 

In addition, the Last Mile Cemetery tour is entirely historic in nature, nothing outwardly scary.  However, it does take place in a cemetery in the middle of the night, so your imagination might be scarier than anything you'll actually experience!


Q: Are we guaranteed to see a ghost on the tour?

A: Unfortunately, ghosts are fickle and don't necessarily come when we call them. So please don't be disappointed if you don't see anything other-worldly. However, guests on the tour have seen things and taken unusual pictures, so I wouldn't say it's entirely out of the question!


Q: Do we go inside any of the buildings?

A: Since most of the places we go to are usually closed by the time we do the tours, we stay strictly outside of the buildings. However, most of the places we visit are shops that are open during the day, so you can go inside the buildings the next day and enjoy a lovely shopping experience with your newfound knowledge of the supernatural!


Don't see your question answered here?  Simply send us a message at!

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